Poppy POS App


We will endeavor to educate and promote the use of all Tron Tokens to a worldwide Cannabis Industry audience through the TRON blockchain community, Poopy POS App being developed by https://seedgerminator.sesameseed.org , Seedit and other social medial platforms.

What is Poppy?

Poppy is a point of sale system designed to transport TRON token payments into the real world. By leveraging Clover, Poppy will facilitate a fully integrated retail sales experience to the TRON Blockchain.

Merchants and retailers wishing to enter the crypto payment space can effortlessly do so by simply updating their existing Clover hardware, and installing the Poppy app, effectively lowering the barrier to entry.

The TRON Blockchain and Clover POS platform will allow Poppy to offer an agile, integrated, and dynamic alternative to traditional payment systems, while delivering a recognizable retail experience to customers.


Built on the TRON Blockchain, Poppy benefits from the speed and robustness of the network. TRON features improved TPS, which has surpassed Bitcoin and Ethereum, making it the most efficient network on which to deploy the time-sensitive payment system.

Additionally, the TRON Blockchain enables Poppy customers to accept TRX and other TRON tokens for purchasing items while also significantly reducing the transaction fees of traditional credit-based payment methods. In-store and online purchasing options, and lowered barrier of entry, will make TRON available to hundreds of thousands of merchants and retailers, and introduce the purchasing power of the Crypto community.


Poppy drives its success through its novel partnerships and coalescing of disparate technologies.


Seedgerminator.org is excited to work with Clover on the mission to develop an integrated payment processor. Clover is a versatile and feature-rich system that offers a variety of sophisticated point of sale and payment solutions, accepts multitude forms of payments, supports different types of businesses, and has a global reach with one million devices shipped.

Through their custom application in the Clover App Market, Poppy will be uniquely positioned to support businesses of all types and size around the world out of the box. Poppy will exist as a free-to-install, and easy to use app on the Clover App Market that merchants and retailers can set up on their Clover POS systems with a click of a button.

Poppy will enable customers to interact with retail in ways that do not currently exist in POS platforms today by seamlessly integrating with the TRON Blockchain.

In addition to accepting traditional payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, and cash, merchants and retailers will be able to accept cryptocurrency payments in the form of TRX and TRON tokens for goods and services on the Blockchain using TRON wallets, TronCard, and the popular social media payment system, Seedit.


TronCard is a credit card style card that allows purchases and transactions at the point of sale utilizing TRX and TRON tokens. It is designed to securely initiate TRON payments using an easy-to-use, familiar payment method to make retail purchases at Poppy terminals.. The card will include features such as a 3D barcode for easy reference to public address associated with TRON wallets.

At launch, TronCard will have use cases including acting as a wallet for TRX and TRON tokens, as a secure method of payment at Poppy terminals, and as an simple and secure public address reference for p2p transfers.

We also welcome anyone in the Tron community who wishes to help us with development and spreading the word about Tron.

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