We have a vision where MaryJane  currencies are used worldwide for the cannabis industry, distributed through loyalty programs like: Seedit, Telegram, PoopyPOS, TronCard / Grid card and other future marketing. Our main focus is "Utility," we want these tokens to be useful and beneficial to the cannabis industry and the world.

We will be developing promotional items related to the cannabis industry.

Token  Id's:

MARYJANE (MJ)[1001714]

MaryJaneGold (MJAu)[1001518]

GoldBars (AU)[1001187]

TRX, Poppy, Tronwallet and other digital currencies can be used to pay for goods and services at these locations. Please feel free to forward other locations to us and we will add them to the world map at - info@maryjane-420.com .


Hotel Booking Online


TRX/ Poppy